Think blogging isn't important for funeral homes?  Think again!

 Our clients’ blog posts are often some of their most frequented pages.  Okay, so if someone has a corpse in their living room they’re not searching up a funeral home and then reading the blog posts on your website, however when people have questions about funerals and death they turn to Google, and if you can position your funeral home as a resource center with answers to common questions, then when that at need call does happen it will more than likely be to you.

Blog Management Process

Our blog management service is designed around user engagement, but with a strong emphasis on SEO.  We understand that you need to have strong resources on your site both to encourage user engagement as well as to attract high profile links and mentions on other websites back to your website.  This is why our blog management service includes all of the following:

  •  1,000+ words per post
  •  Includes 2 Premium Stock Photos Per
  • Post with Licenses
  •  Keyword and Topic Research
  •  2 Person Human Editing
  •  SEO Optimized Content (LSI, TF-IDF, Keyword Density)
  •  SEO Optimized Images
  •  Custom Meta Titles and Descriptions
  •  Strategic Internal and External Linking
  •  Formatting and Publishing
  •  Custom Client Dashboard with Multi-step Approval Points
  •  Dedicated Account Manager
  •  Unlimited Revisions


Funeral Blog

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I know what you’re probably thinking.  “I could write my own blog.  I know more about the topic, and I can save money while producing better posts.”  The truth is though that you’re busy running your business, and you’re going to get even busier once you start working with us, so the blogs are probably going to become your last priority.  Not only that, but our processes are such that you can choose topics, content, and give us content references, and we can produce content as good (if not better) than what you’d but together yourself.

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