We know that 80%-85% of traffic on Google goes to organic search results, but that’s not a reason to give up the 15%-20% that go to the paid ads results.  The beauty of Google Ads, is that you only pay for the clicks that you get so the ~80% that doesn’t click on an ad doesn’t cost you anything, and they still see your brand at the top of the results.

The biggest issue that we see with Google Ads is that businesses run them without having proper attribution tracking in place.  If you don’t know which clicks are turning into new business then you’re left only being able to optimize your ads campaign based on the best cost per click, which isn’t always (in fact usually is not) the best metric to optimize a campaign based on.  With our ad management services we setup campaigns to track phone calls and web form submissions back to the traffic source, ad group, search term that was used, and ad variation the customer saw.  We then optimize campaign bids to maximize the number of clicks that turn into new customers, and minimizes clicks that don’t convert.

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