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Why Does Your Domain Authority Matter In SEO?


There are several metrics you could use to measure the efficacy of your SEO tactics, but one of the most popular is domain authority. This score is given to each and every website, and it can be a determining factor in whether your site ranks well. If you have never heard of this factor, then it is time to get right to the details on how your domain authority impacts your SEO efforts! 


What Is Domain Authority? 

Before diving too deeply into the specifics of why domain authority impacts your SEO, it’s crucial to understand just how this metric works. Domain authority is the score given to a website based on its overall relevance to the query. This number is given on a scale of 1 to 100, where the higher scores are considered more relevant websites. 

The average score for most websites is between 40 and 50. Scores between 50 and 60 are quite good, but scoring over 60 is generally considered excellent. 


Why Does Domain Authority Matter?

Domain authority matters for SEO purposes because it shows how well you’ll rank on the search engine results pages. If you notice that your site is not ranking as highly as you would like it to, then you can find new ways to boost your domain authority score. 

Knowing your domain authority score also allows you to see how your website compares to that of your competitors. If they are outranking you in the search engine results pages and have a better domain authority score, this gives you an opportunity to see what they are doing better or differently from you. 

Viewing your competition can help you to boost your own domain authority. 

Keep in mind that domain authority is not a score specifically used by Google to guide their results page. Instead, it is just a measure of how likely your site is to rank toward the top of the list. It was developed by a company known as Moz, and it consists of several factors: 


How Is Domain Authority Scored? 

Improving your domain authority could mean a jump in the search engine results pages. Moz doesn’t release their exact formula for calculating this score, but they do give a general guide for how you can improve your score. This metric includes items like: 

  • Linking root domains
  • Quality of external links
  • Content and search engine friendliness
  • Social signals

You can use MozBar as a free tool on Google Chrome to determine how your site and your competitors’ sites are ranking according to this complex metric. 


Finding Your Domain Authority 

While domain authority is not technically used to determine your rankings on search engines, it can certainly help. It determines how SEO-friendly your website is and then evaluates the quality of the content that you’re uploading. If you want to improve your domain authority but aren’t sure how to, you need our funeral home marketing services

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