Winnipeg Digital Marketing Company Launches Promotion To Assist Funeral Homes Develop Their Business

WINNIPEG, Canada – First Rank Funeral Marketing, one of the few digital marketing companies that specialize and understand the funeral industry, is today delighted to announce the launch of their limited-time promotion, which is running until the end of June. 


The promotion has been planned for many months but was launched during May to assist funeral homes to maximize their business, and in particular, expand their online presence. As a specialist within the industry, First Rank Funeral Marketing is continually analyzing the market, and is flexible and innovative when responding to whatever the business market dictates. The launch of this promotion is a perfect example of the many benefits that their current funeral home clients experience regularly, and why they consistently deliver measurable results month after month. 


The reality of doing business in 2020, is that establishing an online presence is essential regardless of industry. Anyone looking for a new supplier, manufacturer, or service is likely to utilize the services of a search engine, which is why establishing and then maintaining an excellent online presence is critical. As a consequence, First Rank Funeral Marketing is offering new clients the opportunity to expand their online presence, and in turn, the number of leads and confirmed clients they will receive. 


First Rank Marketing understands that every funeral home is unique, which is why every campaign they launch is designed carefully for each client. The company works with each client as a partner embracing the knowledge and expertise of each business to maximize the results. 


“We know and understand this industry very well and are passionate about delivering outstanding results for our clients month in and month out,” said Tamar Church of First Rank Funeral Marketing. “We have also seen first-hand the pressure and volume of work that funeral homes are facing at this time, but experience has taught us that now is the time to maximize digital marketing efforts so that the volume of work continues. My advice to anyone in this industry would be to pick up the phone and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, as I am confident that once you hear the ideas and concepts we employ, you will realize that we are the company your business needs.” 


First Rank was established to help local companies compete online. As their successes grew, they branched out and now help companies locally, nationally, and internationally. While working with clients in many different industries, they had the opportunity to work with a local funeral home. It turned out that the techniques they had honed with other service-based industries work spectacularly well for funeral homes, too. Since that discovery, they have focused on helping funeral homes increase their online presence, which leads to an increase of strong leads for their clients’ businesses. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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